The Tragedy of Mariam by Elizabeth Cary

Printed in 1613, written between 1602 and 1609. The play is available in a host of editions including Arden, New Mermaids, Malone Society, Penguin, and in collected editions – search and it will be yours. Online editions are also available – here’s one.

We’ve had a long history with Mariam, beginning with a reading of the play in 2007 (with The Tragedy of Antony), for which a recording best described as ‘soup’ exists (possibly never to be released sadly). Since then we’ve worked towards our full cast audio adaptation with a rough cut released with our !Spoilers! series, and with online exploring sessions. The next phase is to produce a live production for audio, with an audience, or go straight to a full production. Alternatively we’re here to support your production and help make it happen. It’s a very stageable play for a small company, and there are lots of ways that it could be adapted for different conditions. Let the conversation start here.

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Full Cast Audio Adaptation – Content Warnings below the cast list.

The Tragedy of Mariam by Elizabeth Cary

MARIAM, the Queen – Gillian Horgan

ALEXANDRA, Mariam’s mother – Leigh McDonald

SALOME, Herod’s sister – Pamela Flanagan

SILLIUS, Salome’s lover – Simon Nader

CONSTABARUS, husband to Salome – Heydn McCabe

PHERORAS, Herod’s Brother – Robert Crighton

GRAPHINA, Pheroras’ lover – Nemonee Stone

DORIS, Herod’ first wife – Pollie Hall

ANTIPATER, Herod’s son by Doris – Fiona Thraille

First Son of BABUS – Hugh Weller-Poley

Second Son of BABUS – Mark Scanlon

ANNANELL, the high Priest – Andy Barrett

SOHEMUS, a Counsellor to Herod/Mariam’s guardian – Rob Myson

NUNTIO – Richard Fawcett

HEROD – Geir Madland

BUTLER – Valentina Vinci

SILLIUS’ Man – Alan Scott

Additional voices by Liza Graham and other members of the company.

Additional sound effects from

Produced by Robert Crighton

Content Warning: Details and depictions of murder, racially charged language (mostly removed for the FCAA, fully present in the !Spoilers! episodes), gun shots, death, suicide, hanging, expressions of misogyny.

!Spoilers! Episodes – IntroductionAct 1Act 2Act 3Act 4Act 5

Discussing: Mariam with Jasmine Silk of Cutpurse Theatre

Full Audio Playlist – Begins with the Full Cast Audio Adaptation, then !Spoilers! then discussing and other.

Full YouTube Playlist

Beyond our work, there’s a video of the Royal Holloway 1995 production, directed by Elizabeth Schafer. Additionally, there’s a mini version of the play available on YouTube, recorded at the Globe.