George Peele (1556-1596)

A Londoner who wrote a lot of very different material, he looms super large over the late 1580’s and early 1590’s. We’re close to completing an overview of his extant dramatic works – though the breadth of his canon has many flanging edges. Plays listed in order of height.

The Arraignment of Paris – a little oasis of the pastoral, with gods and goddesses, golden balls and magical trees. And poor Colin!

The Hunting of Cupid – a lost play, fragments of which survive. Like Paris above, it seems to be about gods and love. This audio version of the fragments is a play through the surviving text.

The Battle of Alcazar – based on relatively recent history, it’s all about getting to the battle. Featuring spectacle, fireworks, and very lost sea captains.

The Old Wives’ Tale – is extremely fun, it’s funny, it’s a beautiful mash up of literary tropes. We’re still hoping to have a full version soon.

David and Bathsabe – it’s a play featuring sexual violence and asks, if doesn’t always answer, questions of male power.

Edward I – an exploring session is on the way.

The Troublesome Reign of King John – parts 1 and 2 – an exploring session is on the way.

Though we haven’t done it yet – it has been zoom performanced by the lovely Brave Spirits Theatre – – on YouTube.

He also wrote civic pageantry – and there are episodes of the podcast coming on that.

If you’d like to just leave some Peele playing in the background – here’s a handy general playlist… let George wash over you.