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The Beyond Big Vote 2022


Next year, with most of our plague backlog cleared, we hope to return to a new season of recording for full cast audio adaptations. And that means – IT’S VOTING TIME! Yes, we’re looking for a play to slot into our recording line up, and we want our supporters to choose it. Anyone can vote, as we’re always interested in what the general public would like to hear, but only votes from our patrons or those who’ve recently contributed via ko-fi will be counted. We know, it’s not fair, but someone has to pay for these shows, and they do go out for free and forever.

Voting Deadline – Thursday 28th July 11pm BST

The voting form can be found here –

A Plays List (to see what you can choose from) – CHOOSE YOUR PLAYS

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Triumph 1621

Lord Mayor’s Show 2021 Recon

On Friday 29th October 2021 we performed a reconstruction (in a playful way) of the Lord Mayor’s Show from 1621, four hundred years after the original one off show. The Sun in Aries was written by Thomas Middleton for the incoming Lord Mayor Edward Barkham of the Drapers Company. The surviving text of the Triumph will be performed three times in the afternoon in the churchyard of St Mary-le-Bow Church by Beyond Shakespeare; with the support of Cheapside Business Alliance, the SRS Public Engagement Scheme, Bath Spa University, and St Mary-le-Bow Church.

The Pageant Master is award-winning theatre maker Robert Crighton, with our City Chronologer Professor Tracey Hill of Bath Spa University.

Despite some poor weather at times, we have got a wealth of photos and other material that we will be sharing soon…

Get Involved! Join In Online

We’re running exploring sessions online weekdays from 2pm and 7pm UK time – to get involved and read along with a play next week, then sign up today! Full details on the exploring page where you can sign up for the next week:


If you want to find the work we’ve done on every play written prior to 1603? Use the dropdown menu above and browse via our timelines menu. Additional search functions to follow…

Live Streaming – The Ghost of Richard III

In the absence of live shows, we’ve experimented with live streaming on YouTube. Now we’ve gone further with a live stream from the Quay Theatre of a full scale show – The Ghost of Richard III. The World Premiere was on Tuesday 21st July at 7.00pm, in support of our local community theatre in this difficult time. It is available on YouTube HERE – and it may also still be on facebook. Go to our live page for more info. LIVE!

The Ghost of Richard – from rehearsals…



The ‘Beyond Shakespeare’ Podcast – A (Sort of) Mission Statement

From the earliest drama in English, to the closing of the theatres in 1642, there was a hell of a lot of drama produced – and a lot of it wasn’t by just one guy.

Apart from a few noble exceptions, every-other-plays are often passed over, ignored or simply unknown. This podcast/vlog/website presents full audio productions of the plays, exploratory read throughs, fragmentary and extant material, other texts not directly dramatic, all of which shaped the theatrical world that is more generally known.

We’re going to produce EVERYTHING. In full, in part, in different ways, live, in studio, in rehearsal, in production. You can sample some of our work in progress work on ALL the plays in this podcast timeline…

You help support us by pledging on our patreon account, and get a vote as to what we do next.

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