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Up Coming Projects 2023

The BIG Vote 2023 – it’s that time again where we as our patrons and audience what they want us to produce. Vote closes June 3rd 2023.

There are two votes, the patreon only – which gets priority because our patrons pay for everything – and a public one which follows on. Patrons can also vote for individual speeches and scenes they want to hear on the podcast, depending on tier.

Depending on what you vote for, there’s a host of exciting shows possible. Patreon vote HERE. Public anyone can vote HERE. Eligible plays list downloadable HERE.

Coming up in July we have our first proper live theatre show, performing Bosworth Field by Sir John Beaumont, as well as background to the poem.

The Beyond Shakespeare Podcast Presents…

Bosworth Field: An Evening of History, Drama and Literature

With the death of Richard III, the battle of Bosworth Field saw the end of the Plantagenet dynasty and the beginning of the Tudor age. The events of that day have been retold by poets, historians and dramatists over the ages – including Bosworth Field by Sir John Beaumont, a brilliant retelling of the battle. Join the Beyond Shakespeare team as they explore the story of the battle from the side of history, before presenting a live performance of Beaumont’s story in all its dramatic glory.

From the producers of The Ghost of Richard III, which was live streamed from the Quay in 2020, and still available on YouTube.

For more information about Bosworth Field, and other Richard III texts, go to our dedicated page.

Thursday 20th July at 7.30pm – Tickets £12 and are available now!

We’re recently gone live with internet only shows, with more to come – in April we live streamed a recording session for Iphigenia as translated by Lady Jane Lumley – it wasn’t the full production, just a stream of a run for recording, with the final edit coming out later in the year – but this rough test is available for our patrons on our patreon feed.

Iphigenia will join the release in 2023 of The Tragedy of Mariam and The Tragedy of Antony, completing our initial trilogy of early modern women’s writing – with other texts to join them in the works.

Future Live Streams – we hope to be holding semi-regular live streaming events like Iphigenia in the autumn, and we will keep you posted on that.

Still available to watch – The Ghost of Richard III

Full video of The Ghost of Richard III, the world premiere of this adaptation was performed on Tuesday 21st July at 7.00pm, in support of the Quay theatre in this difficult time. It is available on YouTube HERE – and it may also still be on facebook.

Get Involved! Join In Online

We’re running exploring sessions online weekdays from 2pm and 7pm UK time – to get involved and read along with a play next week, then sign up today! Full details on the exploring page where you can sign up for the next sessions.


The ‘Beyond Shakespeare’ Podcast – A (Sort of) Mission Statement

From the earliest drama in English, to the closing of the theatres in 1642, there was a hell of a lot of drama produced – and a lot of it wasn’t by just one guy.

Apart from a few noble exceptions, every-other-plays are often passed over, ignored or simply unknown. This podcast/vlog/website presents full audio productions of the plays, exploratory read throughs, fragmentary and extant material, other texts not directly dramatic, all of which shaped the theatrical world that is more generally known.

We’re going to produce EVERYTHING. In full, in part, in different ways, live, in studio, in rehearsal, in production. You can sample some of our work in progress work on ALL the plays in this podcast timeline…

You help support us by pledging on our patreon account, and get a vote as to what we do next.

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