Latest News – Autumn to Spring

The ‘Spring’ Season has begun to be released – our patrons have already received the whole of Jack Juggler, which is coming out in bits on the podcast. Gammer Gurton’s Needle follows weekly.

Autumn / Winter Season:

Four plays have been selected for the next season. Obviously we have to release this season first, but we expect episodes to start to drop once that has happened. And the plays, chosen by our patreon followers, are:

Storytelling fun!
A morality play for a Queen…
Family fun… just not kind of fun you’re supposed to have as a family.
Something a bit Neo-Classical…

So, four plays which we’re going to produce in full. We’re also going to do some prep work on two other plays that are a tad too tricky to do in full at present.

Horsey to Bish Queen four…
Oh so many accents…


Four plays have been chosen for 2019 so far, with one more being voted for now via our wonderful patrons on patreon. 

So, what’s coming up?

Jack Juggler – a comedic enterlude, which will probably come out in March…

Gammer Gurton’s Needle – a comedy for student performance…

The Life and Death of Jack Straw – a surprisingly short history play…

and The Tragedy of Mariam, The Fair Queen of Jewry by Elizabeth Cary – a tragedy not written for the public stage.

2019 Season

In the meantime, we’re tying off some loose ends with the final John Heywood play, The Play of the Weather, coming out soon, as well as a mini season of material from the plays of John Bale.  There will also be the completion of our Exploring series on the Chester Mystery plays, already recorded, soon to go through the edit. These will go out to our patrons first.

The Play of the Weather


The ‘Beyond Shakespeare’ Podcast – A (Sort of) Mission Statement

From the earliest drama in English, to the closing of the theatres in 1642, there was a hell of a lot of drama produced – and a lot of it wasn’t by Shakespeare.

Apart from a few noble exceptions these plays are often passed over, ignored or simply unknown. This podcast presents full audio productions of the plays, fragmentary and extant, that shaped the theatrical world that shaped our dramatic history.

We’re going to produce EVERYTHING. In full, in part, in different ways, live, in studio, in rehearsal, in production. You can listen to our work in progress timeline of all the plays in this timeline.

You help support us by pledging on our patreon account, and get a vote as to what we do next.

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