Liz I (V. Late) 1600-1603

We’re still running ahead of ourselves a bit here – so lots of dates to check and a lot more work to do. But here’s a mini overview of the shape of these last years of Liz I.


The Return from Parnassus, part 1 – this is the second of the Parnassus plays, following on from the Pilgrimage to Parnassus. The playlist below covers all the plays, so skip to the one you want.

Jack Drum’s Entertainment by John Marston – A lot of good stuff available, First Look Exploring Session below.

Cynthia’s Revels by Ben Jonson – we’ve only recorded this prologue for the podcast. But it is a good’en.

Patient Grissel by Dekker, Haughton, Henry Chettle – not to be confused with the earlier play of the same name.

The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green by various peeps.

Antonio’s Revenge by John Marston – sequel to Antonio and Mellida – this playlist features both plays in exploring sessions on these genre defying/defining plays that run pell mell through conventions of comedy and tragedy.


What You Will by John Marston – First Look Exploring Session available.

Satriomastix by John Marston, Thomas Dekker

The Poetaster by Ben Jonson – we’ve only looking at the pre-show material so far, but this is another cracker of an opening to a play.

Blurt, Master Constable by Thomas Middleton and others probably

The Merry Devil of Edmonton by nobody knows – our exploring session of this play followed on from the close of Doctor Faustus, the final scene of which is a good lead in. Sort of.


The Return from Parnassus (part two) or, The Scourge of Simony – this is the probable landing point for the third Parnassus play. We couldn’t face creating three separate playlists for this play, so it’s covered on a general Parnassus playlist, embedded in the earlier listing above, or on YouTube here.

The Contention Between Liberality and Prodigality – printed this year, probably staged a couple years earlier in this form. It may be based on an earlier play, but there’s no satisfactory way to place it, so this is where it lives. It’s fab by the way, the dullness of the title misleads.

The First Part of Hieronimo – after Kyd – This is a boys company rejig of the first part of The Spanish Tragedy, which appeared around about here. We call it Jeronimo!!! because it’s a delightful spoof thing. Both First and Second Look sessions are available in the playlist.

Sir Thomas Wyatt by Thomas Dekker, Henry Chettle

The Royal King and the Loyal Subject by Thomas Heywood

Lingua by Thomas Tomkis

Hoffman, or a Revenger for a Father by Henry Chettle

The Tragedy of Mariam by Elizabeth Cary – a full cast audio adaptation is coming soon, till then spoilers are being added to this playlist.

The Gentleman Usher by George Chapman

As we go into the next year, Elizabeth dies and James comes to the throne. To a degree it’s business as usual. And the number of plays just keeps increasing. Our follow up work into the Seventeenth Century is going to take a while…