Audio Archive

There are a selection of different playlists to help you navigate your way through the archive also available here –

The Complete Plays of John Heywood – Every surviving play written by the great Tudor entertainer. All plays to be uploaded by December 2018

What’s Past is Prologue – recordings of the prologues to plays, to mark them in our timeline, and as a general rebuke to the world for not producing these plays more often, or at all.

Down With This Sort of Thing / Careful Now – Recordings of material about the theatre of the time, both for and against, to give some context to the world in which these plays were written.

The Chester Mystery Cycle – Explorations and Adaptations – an ongoing series of works on the plays of the Chester Mystery Cycle. NB: Many of these are from our earliest days, sound quality varies enormously.

Fragments – Often plays survive only in fragments, which are then forgotten about and rarely performed. We like to play with them and try to give them a second life.