Mary I (r.1553-1558)

Mary managed to live longer than Edward before her, but didn’t do much better in the whole reigning thing. There isn’t a vast amount of material to play with here, and there’s probably much from the previous lists that are applicable here. We’ll add detail as we go along. Feel free to send angry emails. Go back to 1547 to 1553.


The Tragedie of Iphigeneia from Euripides by Jane, Lady Lumley – earliest confirmed English translation of Greek tragedy, and of English drama written by a woman. Lady Lumley makes a lot of interesting choices in the translation, it’s one we will be returning to. It’s tricky to date beyond somewhere between 1550 and the very tip of 1554. First and Second Look Exploring sessions in playlist below, the video of the Second Look is available here. The same Second Look is also available on the podcast here.

Gammer Gurton’s Needle by Mr S – Voted for production by our patrons. Though printed in 1575, this is the earliest point that this play might have come about. A reference to a play called Diccon the Bedlem in 1562/3 could be about the same work. A Full Cast Audio Adaptation and !SPOILERS! episodes are all available now in the playlist. A First Look Exploring Session is on YouTube here.

Respublica by Nicholas Udall – voted for production by our patrons. Full Cast Audio Adaptation and !Spoilers! episodes are in the works, though the plague has forced us to postpone production for the foreseeable. The Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas at Austin, have released the full manuscript for the play digitally, and you can view it online here –

An exploring session has also been produced, highlighting the delicious comedy of this play.


Jacob and Esau – A New and Merry Comedy or Enterlude. Possibly by Nicolas Udall. It is full of excellent merry comedy indeed. First & Second Look Exploring sessions available in the playlist – or skip to the latest Second Look session.

Wealth and Health – Exploring Session video available now. The text seems to have started life here, with some changes for later publication to note the queen turnover.


Jack Juggler – printed around 1562. Possibly (probably) by Nicholas Udall, though opinions vary. Full cast audio adaptation and !Spoilers! episodes available in the playlist below. There’s also a First Look Exploring session here. It even has it’s own page, like a grown up play. To the Jack Juggler page!


Impatient Poverty by some person. Virtual exploring session available. Printed in 1560, this was probably produced a few years earlier. You can jump to the Second Look Exploring session here.

Probably Not Within This Time Frame…

Processus Satanae by anonymous – probably doesn’t belong here, but its dating range is pretty vast and so it could go anywhere between 1500-1580. So here it goes. It’s a fragmentary play, just the cue script for God survives. Here’s a live version of the text and our exploring group first look.

The Funeral of Queen Mary I – well, a bit depressing, but we have looked at Mary’s funeral. Video version also available.

And that’s it for Mary – the Queen is dead, long live the Queen! It’s all change with Elizabeth and some big changes to the world of theatre production. Go to 1558 to 1575.