Jack Juggler

Jack Juggler was written by someone prior to its printing in 1562 – it was possibly written during the reign of Queen Mary and maybe by someone who we know about – but we don’t like to get too involved with authorship debates. If you want to jump in and listen to our full cast audio adaptation, then here you go. If you’d rather go through the play in a more detailed fashion, our !SPOILERS! episodes follow below. There’s even a First Look Exploring session on YouTube here.

Jack Juggler is performed by Heydn McCabe, Jenkin Careaway by Simon Nader. With Leigh McDonald as Dame Coye, Nemonee Stone as Alice Trip and Go, and Geir Madland as Master Bongrace. The Prologue and Epilogue is performed by Rob Myson. Additional voices by Robert Crighton. Pollie Hall, and the Beyond Shakespeare Irregulars. 

Following are our plain text and commentary !SPOILERS! episodes, where the full text (without effects) are played with actor/producer comments. These feature an uncut text with few editorial changes – the full cast audio adaptation is cut down or adjusted for the enjoyment of the general listener. Because compromises sometimes must be made.

If you just want to enjoy the play as is, listen to the full cast audio adaptation first, if you’d rather have a route into the text, go via the spoilers.

Hello to Jack…
Hello to Careaway
The first big scene!
The Close of Play!
The Epilogue… it’s the end, but the moment has been prepared for.

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