More Middling Liz I (1590 to 1593)

We’re no where near ahead enough to delve deeply into the rest of the timeline – it’ll need work on more plays and more study. Till then, here is a very incomplete list of everything we have done so far, or are planning to do very soon in a vague order, but we’ll tidy this up later, so don’t quote us on anything…


King Leir – The True Chronicle History of King Leir and his three daughters. Another winner from the Queen’s Men repertoire – exploring session available on YouTube.

George a Greene by (probably) Robert Greene. Exploring session was done with Orlando Furioso, just skip ahead.

James IV by Robert Greene – an exploring session on this most strange and wondrous play is available.

A Looking Glass for London and England by Robert Green and Thomas Lodge – as the dating varies, and there is evidence the play has a good ongoing performance history, we’re putting it here as well as 1588 – there’s an exploring session on YouTube

And there’s a look at the epilogue available below.

The Old Wives’ Tale by George Peele – full cast audio adaptation in the works, exploring session available.

Also around here: Edward III, Fair Em, Soliman and Perseda, The Cobblers Prophecy.


Arden of Faversham by Some People – we’re not down to do this yet, but we have got a recording of a discussion with someone who is, coming soon.

The Life and Death of Jack Straw by Some People – Spoilers and Full Cast Audio Adaptation available – and a whole lot more to come.

The True Tragedy of Richard III – we’ve recorded the opening of the play (to be released) and done a complete exploration of the text on YouTube.

Orlando Furioso by Robert Greene – an exploring session is available

Locrine – exploring session available on YouTube (skip past the opening of the first video, which covers the tail end of Alcazar)

Edward I by George Peele


A Knack to Know a Knave – exploring session planned.

Selimus by well no one’s super sure, some say Greene. It’s a Queen’s Men play, so it fits within that sort of thing envelop of stuff. The exploring session begins midway through the first video on YouTube, as we read it back to back with another play. Skip to about 57 minutes in.

Thomas of Woodstock – or Richard II, part 2. Following on from Jack Straw, here are the further adventures of the king. It’s such a good play and we will be going further with it.

John of Bordeaux, or Friar Bacon Rides Again by maybe Greene or some other people. Here presented in two videos from the exploring sessions.

Opening of the play.

Second session on John of Bordeaux.

Edward II by Christopher Marlowe – exploring session a coming…

Other plays from around here: Summer’s Last Will and Testament by Thomas Nashe, The Four Prentices of London by Thomas Heywood, Roxanna by William Alabaster.


David and Bathsabe by George Peele – maybe written earlier, probably lives in the early 1590’s. Trigger Warning: some scenes of sexual violence early on in the play.

Tragedy of Antony by Mary Herbert, or Mary Sidney, or Countess of Pembroke. Full cast audio adaptation in the works, exploratory read through playlist available here.

The Massacre at Paris by Christopher Marlowe – exploring session available.

The Woman in the Moon, Lyly

Cornelia, Thomas Kyd

Cleopatra, Samuel Daniel

Guy Earl of Warwick

In 1592 there was a nasty outbreak of plague. It disrupted the various playing companies, and coincided with the deaths and retirement of most of the playwrights we know and love. Marlowe, Kyd, Greene and a closing off in the output of Peele. When the playhouses and their companies get their act together from 1594 there’s much change and a lot of new faces.