1590 and Beyond…

We’re no where near ahead enough to delve deeply into the rest of the timeline – it’ll need work on more plays and more study. Till then, here is a very incomplete list of everything we have done so far, or are planning to do very soon.

Orlando Furioso by Robert Greene & George a Greene by (probably) Robert Greene. Though the plays are not exactly connected, though they may share an author and some structural similarities, they were recorded across shared sessions.

James IV by Robert Greene – an exploring session on this most strange and wondrous play is available.

A Looking Glass for London and England by Robert Green and Thomas Lodge – the epilogue is available here.

The Old Wives’ Tale by George Peele – full cast audio adaptation in the works, exploring session available.

Tragedy of Antony by Mary Herbert, or Mary Sidney, or Countess of Pembroke. Full cast audio adaptation in the works, exploratory read through playlist available here.

Arden of Faversham by Some People – we’re not down to do this yet, but we have got a recording of a discussion with someone who is, coming soon.

The Life and Death of Jack Straw by Some People – Spoilers and Full Cast Audio Adaptation available – and a whole lot more to come.

Thomas of Woodstock – or Richard II, part 2. Following on from Jack Straw, here are the further adventures of the king. It’s such a good play and we will be going further with it.

The True Tragedy of Richard III – we’ve recorded the opening of the play (to be released) and more will be coming soon.

The Massacre at Paris by Christopher Marlowe – exploring session available.

Antonio and Mellida & Antonio’s Revenge by John Marston – an exploring session on these genre defying/defining plays that run pell mell through conventions of comedy and tragedy.

The Life and Death of Thomas Cromwell – an exploring session on this play is complete in two parts. More work to follow…

A Yorkshire Tragedy by Thomas Middleton, and possibly others. Who knows. It’s not very long. Trigger Warning for this exploration – it’s a dark play about domestic abuse and murder.

The Tragedy of Mariam by Elizabeth Cary – a full cast audio adaptation is coming soon, till then spoilers are being added to this playlist.

1612 Lord Mayor’s Show: Troia-Nova Triumphans by Thomas Dekker – there will be a whole section on this website featuring all the Lord Mayor’s Shows, and they will get added to the timeline too. But till then, here’s a look at this one.