Edward VI (r.1547-1553)

Edward didn’t live desperately long, and it’s always a struggle to assign precise dates to things, so this page is really pushing the limits of this format. But heigh ho.


Somebody and Others (fragment) – Exploring session available, though we’ve found there are more questions than answers with this play.


The Disobedient Child by Thomas Ingleland – Exploring session available. This is the earliest date for this play, we’ve also put it in the Elizabeth timeline, as a lot of pre-Mary material seems to resurface in the early years of her reign. Also see Nice Wanton below and The Prodigal Son – which features the same plot and is currently listed around 1530 in this timeline.

Nice Wanton, by anonymous – Exploring session available, full cast audio adaptation in preparation.


Lusty Juventus by Richard Wever – Virtual Exploring Session available.


Ralph Roister Doister by Nicholas Udall – Exploring session in preparation 2019/20

An Satire of the Three Estates by Sir David Lindsay – the manuscript for this bounces about a bit in terms of rewrites (a lost version was around in 1540), but here’s as good a place to put it. We’re not down to do it at present, but it has been done brilliantly already and can be viewed online. http://stagingthescottishcourt.brunel.ac.uk/


Gammer Gurtons Needle by Mr S – This also features in the next list, just to highlight how tricksy lists can be. Also because we want to focus your attention on plays we’ve done a lot of work on. Voted for production by our patrons. Though printed in 1575, this is the earliest point that this play might have come about. A reference to a play called Diccon the Bedlem in 1562/3 could be about the same play. Full cast audio adaptation and !SPOILERS! episodes are in the works and coming soon.