The Chester Mystery Plays

We’re going to do something with all the Mystery Plays, but we started with Chester back in 2013. To date we’ve recorded a full set of Exploring workshops of every play, which are being edited and released this year. We also recorded in 2013 some (slightly rough – it was early days for us) full cast audio adaptations, which are available below. We’ll fill in more full cast audio work in the future, building on the work we’ve done, but there isn’t currently a mandate from our patrons to do more – if you’d like us to complete these plays, vote for it by joining us on patreon!

The easiest way to listen to these in order is via our playlist – just press play and leave it running. Or just keep scrolling down, for context and the odd random thing thrown in.

The Fall of Lucifer – Full Cast Audio Adaptation

Which is based on our work in the Exploring sessions – runs over two episodes.

Play 2 – Adam and Eve – so the numbering for Chester can get messy, but play 2 is broadly split in two here, starting with our full cast adaptation, and then our workshop elements.

Play 2 – Cain and Abel – the same process again…

And, for the moment, that’s the last play we’ve done a full cast audio adaptation from this cycle for. We did start recording more, and we’ve got the scripts and materials ready to continue, but we haven’t, as of yet, gone on. So now, just the rest of the Exploring sessions that have been released.

The Abraham play features more than just the story of nearly murdering Isaac, starting on a more martial note.

And here’s a compare and contrast episode – this is the Brome Abraham, which we include here because it’s very very similar to the Chester play. Chicken – egg – you decide!

And then we get this interesting play – play five covers the Balaam and Balak story, which you won’t find in any other surviving cycles. Which is nice. It’s an odd play, based on a very odd Biblical tale. Worth a punt for the talking ass alone.

We rejoin the Exploring sessions about five years later, in a different venue and in a different style. Play 11, Christ and the Doctors and other stories…

Play 12 – The Temptation & the Woman Taken in Adultery

The Bowchers (Butchers) Play, The Temptation & the Woman Taken in Adultery

Play 13 – The Healing of the Blind Man & Raising of Lazarus

The Glovers Play – the healing of the Blind Man & Raising of Lazarus

Play 14 – Entry in Jerusalem and other stories…

Play 15 – Last Supper and Betrayal

Play 16 – The Trial (to be followed by Play 16a)

Play 16a – The Crucifixion

Play 17 – The Harrowing of Hell: featuring some interesting extra Biblical material towards the end of the play.

Tis the time of year to harrow your hell, lest it grows unwieldy…

Play 18 – The Resurrection: featuring some very unhappy guards… you had one job guys!

The Resurrection welcomes careful guardians…

Play 19 – Lucas and Cleophas & Doubting Thomas: featuring… some great walking action, disappearances and general stuff.

Don’t you just hate it when people run out on you in the middle of a conversation?

The remaining plays have been recorded and are being packaged now – though the rest are all available to our patrons now. General release will follow anon. To get all our material before the general public, join our patreon and help support our work – you also get to vote for the plays you want us to work on next!