1603 and Beyond


We’re not really ready to go into detail on the seventeenth century – even though we officially go up to 1642, we’ve a way to go yet. So… there’s a few bits and pieces here and that’s it.

More will come.


A Yorkshire Tragedy by Thomas Middleton, and possibly others. Who knows. It’s not very long. Trigger Warning for this exploration – it’s a dark play about domestic abuse and murder.

1605 Lord Mayor’s Show: The Triumphs of Reunited Britannia by Anthony Munday – more to come, see below.

c.1605 The Wonder of Women or The Tragedy of Sophonisba by John Marston – exploring session of this dark and strange play is available.

1612 Lord Mayor’s Show: Troia-Nova Triumphans by Thomas Dekker – there will be a whole section on this website featuring all the Lord Mayor’s Shows, and they will get added to the timeline too. But till then, here’s a look at this one.

1616 – The Devil is an Ass by Ben Jonson – we’ve had a quick look at the prologue, more to come.

1624 – A Game at Chess by Thomas Middleton – we’ve done an exploring session on this play, and there will be more to come.

1637 – Mortimer, His Fall by Ben Jonson (fragment)