Triumph 1621 – Resources and Guides

The planning for our reconstruction of the 1621 show, The Sun in Aries by Thomas Middleton, is well underway. Let us know you’re coming online on EventBrite – TICKETS

Here’s our one stop shop for all your questions about the show.

Some Background – What is the Lord Mayor’s Show? And who was Thomas Middleton?

What will the event be like? Find out more with our general How To Triumph Guide.

Period music will be presented by Passamezzo, led by Tamsin Lewis. Passamezzo is an established early music ensemble, known for their ability to bring historical events to life through their engaging performances and programming. You can follow them on facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Costume Guides!

Below are handy costume guides for any audience member who wants to dress up and feel part of the show. We’d love everyone to be in some sort of costume, and these guides are designed for anyone to be able to pick up, copy, adapt and build at home with limited resources.

All resources created by the wonderful Sarah Blake, if you have any problems with accessing the files, let us know –

General Lord Mayor’s Show costume guide – there’s a lot to sift through, so start with your options here…

The Twelve Great Livery Companies – there are a lot of things happening in twelves, and here’s a guide to those twelve companies who hold the event together.

The Green Man – there were usually some Green men wandering about for this kind of event. Why not mix it up a bit and go green.

The Signs of the Zodiac – featured in one of the Triumphs are the 12 Signs of the Zodiac. We won’t be presenting all twelve ourselves, but we hope our lovely audience will help us represent.

The Twelve Virtues – if the Zodiac isn’t your thing, why not be virtuous. Another set of characters featured in the text of the pageant, who we’d like to see in the audience.