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Beyond Shakespeare Presents…

The Ghost of Richard III by Christopher Brooke

Adapted for the stage and performed by Robert Crighton

King Richard III wants to set the record straight about his life. His bones having been disturbed, his conscience afflicted, he is summoned from beyond the grave to tell his life story, and he leaves nothing out. From his early days learning how to out politic the most dangerous politicians, his working up to the position of Protector, the murder of the princes and his final fall – Richard will not let up till all is told.

Based on The Ghost of Richard III by Christopher Brooke, a narrative poem from 1614, and brought to life by the Beyond Shakespeare Company for the Quay Theatre.

The live stream of the world premiere was on Tuesday 21st July 2020 – and is still available to watch on YouTube HERE and it may still be on Facebook on the Quay Theatre in Sudbury page.

Support the Quay Theatre: The Quay is a community theatre in Sudbury, Suffolk, which – like all theatres at present – cannot open its doors for live performance. This production is a celebration of the wonderful space that is closed to us at the moment, and a way of helping keeping it alive until it can reopen. To support the theatre, which is giving us this chance to produce work in their space, go to their website and donate –

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Robert Crighton: Robert Crighton is a multi-award winning playwright and performer, specialising in stories and monologues, though he has written and produced dozens of full scale plays, as well as acting in many more. He runs the Beyond Shakespeare Podcast, which aims to produce, and make it easier for others to produce, the wider world of early English drama outside of the obvious canon.

He is fully air conditioned and much like Bagpuss.

Previous Live Streaming Experiments

At the initial outbreak of plague, all physically active live shows were obviously cancelled. HOWEVER, our head of talking-a-lot-over-the-internet Robert Crighton did produce daily readings from prose and verse as a live stream on YouTube. All streams were recorded and remain online on YouTube and backed up as a downloadable Mp3 on our Patreon feed – open access.

He tackled The Rising to the Crown of Richard III, The Wonderful Year by Thomas Dekker and Kemp’s Nine Days Wonder, and Beware the Cat by William Baldwin.

These went out on Robert’s YouTube channel – future events will occur elsewhere –

The Patreon feed with open access recordings can be found here.