Upcoming Live Shows!

Due to an outbreak of plague, all physically active live shows are cancelled. HOWEVER, our head of talking-a-lot-over-the-internet Robert Crighton is doing daily readings from prose and verse at 12.30pm UK time – live streamed on YouTube. All streams are recorded and remain on YouTube and backed up as a downloadable Mp3 on our Patreon feed – open access.

So far he’s tackled The Rising to the Crown of Richard III, The Wonderful Year by Thomas Dekker and Kemp’s Nine Days Wonder – plans are in place for readings of Beware the Cat by William Baldwin – the Monday live stream will be here and A Groatsworth of Wit by Robert Greene. This will evolve.

Robert’s YouTube channel can be found here. Subscribe for alerts for the next live stream

The Patreon feed with open access recordings can be found here.